What is Your Digital Marketing Strategy ?

What does the phrase ‘Digital Marketing Strategy’ really mean, anyway? We believe it includes a wide and dynamic group of concepts. Content Syndication. Social Media. Email Autoresponders. Marketing Automation. Landing Pages. Video Sales. Conversion Rate Optimization. Sales Funnel Design. Mobile Campaigns. Responsive Design. Text Messaging. Direct Mail PURLs. Analytics. Retargeting. Media Buys. Solo Email Ads. Pay-Per-Click Ads. Webinars. Podcasts. We could keep going, but think you get the idea.

Doing It All… Yourself… is Definitely Not the Answer.

Selectivity, focus, measurement and iterative improvement are all critical components of successful digital marketing strategy.  Choosing the right strategy and outsourcing the right partner(s) is the path that most successful businesses take. However the vast majority of business owners are too far into the forest to see the trees… and trying to do it all themselves.